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PROSKIN is a 100% natural, home-made balm based on beeswax without any artificial additives, colourings or perfumes. Its ingredients are purely natural and are either hand picked in local forests, produced by bees or prepared at home from food-grade components.

PROSKIN was originally designed by climbers for exclusive personal use after climbing sessions. It is designed for climbers or people who damage their skin during activities.

PROSKIN is composed from three main ingredients that accelerate skin regeneration and promote surface wounds healing.

Trees protect themselves against infections and various wound consequences with resin and this resin quality also applies to humans and their cuts, abrasions or punctures. Our SPRUCE RESIN is hand-picked in local, intact woods without harming any trees.

PROPOLIS has many beneficial active ingredients and properties, some of them include anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative qualities and is used for speeding up the process of wound, skin and tissue regeneration. We prepare our own propolis tinctures.

ARNICA MONTANA flower petals help with blood circulation in the skin, accelerate wound healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. Our arnica flowers are picked on unfertilized fields at higher altitudes and we also prepare our own arnica tinctures.

VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and SHEA BUTTER, which are an essential part of PROSKIN, both contain vitamin E that contributes to faster skin cell regeneration.

Ingredients: beeswax, virgin olive oil, purified spruce resin, shea butter, Arnica Montana flower petals extract, propolis, alcohol (70%)

Product is tested on climbers (but not on other animals).

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